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If you are restoring or remodeling your home, or just want to add interesting details to your architecture or décor, look to the beauty of the past. Architectural salvage gives rescued house parts a chance at a new life in your home.

What is your home's personality?

Have you ever thought of your home as having a personality? Your surroundings can have as much personality as you do when you add intriguing details and stylish decor that makes your home stand apart as uniquely yours.

Find low prices on unique salvaged home pieces

• Salvaged architectural ornaments

• Wood work

• Metal work

• Salvaged stone

• Household décor

• Salvaged hardware

• Salvaged doors

• Decorative iron

Enhance your home with beautiful decorative wood work and metal pieces salvaged from homes of the past.

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Don't throw away that decorative piece or burn your antique wood work. We are always looking to buy architectural salvage.

Add to your home's personality with our eclectic collection of architectural salvage pieces. Think of us as your own personal Junktopia where discards from the past become your treasures.

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